Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs are tiny creatures which have adapted to living in the proximity of humans very well. And moreover, most people are not even aware of them living inside their homes until they get bitten. Indeed, these little pests have mastered their hiding performances to such level that finding them can sometimes turn into a real adventure. If you are thinking that, according to their name, they should be around your bed only, we suggest thinking again.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide?

These tiny bloodsuckers love inhabiting dark and cool areas of any home. Mostly, wooden furniture pieces or cotton clothes make one of their top living choices ever. Indeed, such things provide a chilly and dark environment with plenty of cracks or indentations or any kind of openings where to hide.

You can generally expect bug beds being in the constant vicinity of either yourself or your family members or even your pet. Indeed, having plenty of live blood sources around is essential for them to survive. That is exactly why they can be often found inside beds, couches, wardrobes, and similar.

Bed bugs are super-small, and they simply love hiding from the human eye. Therefore, instead of explicitly searching for the bugs, try looking out for other signs of their presence, such as feces or eggs or even bloody stains.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide on Your Body?

Luckily, bed bugs are much different from lice. And even though they feed on human blood and love climbing on our bodies to feed, they do not tend to stay there. Actually, they have to leave the human body immediately after feeding time, in order for being able to digest all the eaten blood in a quiet and dark area. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely to find live bed bugs on our scalps or any other body part, but rather to simply notice their bite marks.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide in Mattresses?

Mattresses are one of the most ideal living areas for these little pests, as they offer plenty of hiding spaces but also the opportunistic possibility of feeding every single night. However, do not expect to see them on the mattress surface. Make sure to examine your entire mattress, including the seams and tags. Box springs also offer a great environment for bed bugs, so please do not disregard their ability of hiding basically everywhere.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide in Couches?

Remarkably similar to mattresses, couches also offer great hiding areas to these insects, as well as plenty of tasty human skin to bite on. If you suspect of their presence, you should really take the seeking task seriously and not to miss any possible hiding spot. The inside parts of the couches, the wooden legs which support them, as well as pillows and blankets are all possible places where to look for. And while you are at it, do not forget to examine the couch folding as well.  

Where do Bed Bugs Hide besides the Bed?

Bed bugs can hide basically anywhere, as long as they can find human or animal blood to feed on regularly. They love spending their days along dark and cool areas, but they require so little space, so they usually manage to find their way into wooden cracks along the furniture, in the wardrobe and across clothes, but also among floor carpets or window curtains or any other place which fits the description.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide in Furniture?

They really enjoy hiding into any openings, such as cracks or indentations or anything similar. Wherever you see a narrow and tight space across your furniture, you may grab a flashlight and check if there are any bed bugs there, or at least their eggs.

These little bloodsuckers have plenty of great ideas, so you can expect them to be around your bed headboard or its frame, in drawers, in chair legs or any folds, but also behind the smallest handles or wooden decorations.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide on Clothes?

Clothes are a great home for bed bugs because they are soft and offer plenty of dark spots as well as the regular presence of their hosts. They seem to especially enjoy cotton materials, but they are not big fans of leather.

Make sure to check your pockets and the inside parts of your sleeves, as well as any other folding area.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide during the Day?

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, meaning that they usually prefer resting and digesting their food during the day. Therefore, noticing them right after lunch is merely a mission impossible. Instead, try looking for any dark and cool hiding spots across your home, as this is most likely where they are then.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide at Night?

Being nocturnal, these tiny pests do not really bother to hide from humans during nighttime. Indeed, this is their favorite part of the day- feeding time. Once it gets dark, they tend to crawl out of their safe spots and look for human or animal bodies on which to feed. As soon as they are over, they usually return back to their nests and continue with their resting activities.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide their Eggs?

Bed bugs mostly tend to hide their eggs around the same areas where they spend most of their days. They like to create nesting areas once they find a safe spot, and usually only leave it when hungry. Therefore, you can certainly expect to find some feces or old shedding skin around their eggs.

Wrapping Up

Bed bugs are certainly among those creatures which bring the hide and seek game to a whole different level. With their minute size and their ability of climbing into extremely tight and dark spaces, it is extremely difficult noticing them with the naked eye. Therefore, looking for other signs of their presence such as feces or eggs or even molting residues is a better idea. Also, a flashlight and a magnifying glass are greatly helpful tools during your hunting adventure.

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