Bed Bugs in Wood

If there is wooden furniture or any elements made of wood in your house, then bed bugs are surely going to hide there. Those little nuisances always do their best to find the smallest of gaps, crevices and cracks to hide at.

There can be loose screws, loose upholstery or simply gaps between elements where bed bugs can group up. Throughout the day where there is not much for these insects to do, they are going to look for these spots.  

They are as small as grains of rice with reddish-brown coloration. If there is a single bed bug in front of you, you can easily miss it. Their size is so small that they can use any wood piece to hide at.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Wood?

Although bed bugs do not prefer chewing wood nor have the ability to do so, they are constantly on the lookout for hiding places. If a piece of wooden furniture makes a good hiding spot for them, they are not going to deny it.

If you have a bed bug problem in your house, then choosing furniture with hard flat surfaces is a great idea. The more intricate details there are on a piece of furniture, the more chance you give for bed bugs to hide. Also, make sure to check used furniture for cracks because those can serve as great spots for them to live in.

How Long can Bed Bugs Live in Wood?

Once bed bugs find a crack of a wooden element, they are likely to go back to it every single day. In a household, there are usually many small places to hide at. Nevertheless, the more bed bugs there are in your house, the higher the chance they are going to hide in the cracks and crevices of your wood furniture.

If it is a good hiding place for them, they are going to stay there until you fix the bed bug problem. It is not a problem for these insects to stay in wood cracks day by day. They are going to hide there every time and come out during the night when everyone is sleeping.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Wood Furniture?

Bed bugs can definitely live in the cracks and gaps of wood furniture. Once they have got their daily meal of fresh blood, they are going to go back to the most hidden of places in your household. For example, if they find a crack on a piece of wood on the bottom of the furniture, they are going to group and stay there.

These spots are often hard to find but if you really take some time to look around, you are going to find them. This is also the reason you are not going to see any bed bugs around the house during the day. They are always hiding somewhere until it gets dark and when people are the most vulnerable, being asleep. 

Can Bed Bugs Live in Wood Floor?

The problem with wood floors is that if there are any cracks or gaps on it, bed bugs are eventually going to live there. These are really ideal spots for them because you can’t step on them nor see them. They can also lay eggs there which are most likely going to hatch since they are in a safe spot.

These insects can live in your wood floor as long as the bed bug problem is prevalent in your house. As they reproduce, they are going to occupy more and more of these hiding places. If you want to get rid of them, you need to spray the wood floor or go through it with a steam cleaner.

Either way, getting rid of bed bugs will require you to thoroughly clean your house. You need to discover all those little cracks and gaps on the wood floor and exterminate those little nuisances. This can take some time, but removing bed bugs from your house is a gradual process more often than not.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Wooden Frames?

Bed bugs are most likely to live somewhere around your bed. If your bed has a wooden frame, then it is going to be more than inviting for bed bugs to live there. There are always some cracks and gaps to find on wood or where two pieces of wood are pieced together.

There are also screws on wooden frames that can be loose or just designed in a way so that bed bugs can group there. Bed bugs don’t specifically look for wood elements. What they need is a tiny hiding place where they can stay throughout the day, waiting for you to lay down and get some sleep.

That is when they come out of the wooden frame and bite you.

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