Can you see bed bugs?

It can be difficult to see bed bugs, but it is not impossible. In this article you can learn how to find them with the naked eye, on your bed, skin or clothes.

Can you see bed bugs with the naked eye?

Adult bed bugs are visible to a human eye. On the contrary, nymphs are very hard to detect without any helping tools, though they still can be seen with enough efforts taken. Chances of noticing them are increasing, if you know, where to search and what you are looking for.

Try to use flashlight or black light and check all deep cracks near you sleeping place. The far you can get the higher chances you will find them are. As a conclusion, you will probably be able to see a bed bug in case you will try to search for them intentionally.

Can you see bed bug eggs?

Bed bug eggs are visible to a naked human eye, but they are very small and almost transparent, which makes it very difficult to come across them accidentally. Bed bug eggs are sticky, so they can be placed on nearly any surface. That means, that you can find them even on your curtains near your bed.

Speaking of size, you can compare bed bug eggs size with 2 grains of salt stacked together. Eggs are most often clustered very close to one another and are not far from the place, where adult bed bugs are hiding. Some eggshells over the area can appear as well. The reason is, that bed bugs don’t hatch simultaneously. But bed bug eggs probably won’t be the first sign of infestation of your home, that you will come across.

Can you see baby bed bugs?

You can see baby bed bugs. Remember though, that they can be as little as 1,5 mm, so look carefully to find them. The size of them can be compared to the size of a grain of rice. Also, they look different from adult bed bugs in terms of colour.

A colour of nymphs is more yellow, while adult bed bugs are dark-browned. On the first stage of development nymphs are white, which makes them to be noticed even harder. A place of living and way of behaviour don’t differ between adult bed bugs and nymphs. As soon as a nymph hatches, it already is able to bite people, because it must take a blood feed to stay alive and develop.

Can you see bed bugs on your bed?

It is possible to see bed bugs on your bed, though it is unlikely. Most of the daytime bed bugs are hiding in different cracks, so a chance of them to be on bed is low. But during the night time, when you will probably be sleeping, they can be found on your bed directly.

If you were unlucky to find that your bedroom is infested, you shouldn’t change it to prevent a spreading of infestation. Also, it is not recommended to throw you mattress away for the same reason. It will be better to use bed bug killers or call a pest management professional and deal with that problem as soon as possible.

It is not recommended to move furniture, clothing or other items from their regular place, because that may provoke bed bugs to change their location, which is, of course, very bad in terms of struggling with them.

Can you see bed bugs on your skin?

You can see bed bugs on your skin, but it is very unlikely as well. Bed bugs probably won’t come out if you are not sleeping. In case of infestation, you will surely find bites of bed bugs on your skin instead. All the bites appear when a person is sleeping, so it is nearly impossible to catch a bed bug when it is biting you.

Note, that bed bugs don’t live on human’s skin. They prefer to live near the host, not on him or her. So, they won’t interact with you anyhow, unless they want to feed and they are sure, that you are not aware of them.

Can you see bed bugs on clothes?

Yes, you can. Moreover, it is a basic place for them to find. It will be really hard to notice them on your clothes if the clothes are dark, since there is no real contrast between colours. If you found them on your clothes, washing your clothes on a high temperature might help (50ºC).

Make sure, that your clothes are machine washable. If you suspect, that you home was infested with bed bugs, check your clothes, especially, if you had travelled recently. Also, it would be good to check your luggage carefully. Don’t forget to pay attention to such checks, when you are buying new clothes or pieces of furniture. Even one female bed bug, which was brought to your home with new sweater, may be enough to infest not only your home but house fully.

Can you see bed bugs on mattress?

You can see them, but the situation here is the same as with a bed. The chances of that are not very high. Instead, in case of infestation you will probably see bed bugs stains or sometimes even stains of blood.

Note, that mattresses are the most common place for bed bugs to live in because of their warmth and location near the host. So, if you feel that you were bitten by bed bugs, the first place to check is mattress and nearby areas.

bed bug eggs
Bed bugs and eggs on a mattress

If you found bed bugs on your mattress, you should remove all your sheets and other bedding part and wash them under a hot water. After that make a vacuum cleaning of your mattress. Don’t forget to clean vacuum container as soon as you will end to make sure, that bed bugs don’t hide there.

Can you see bed bugs crawling on you?

It is theoretically possible, but as was mentioned above, bed bugs wouldn’t be active when you’re active. The point is that bed bugs are sensitive to movement, so the chances of them to crawl on you, when you are able to notice that are critically low.

Though, they will definitely crawl on you while you are sleeping. The point is, that bed bugs are almost weightless, so you’ll unlikely notice them at all, especially, while sleeping. You wouldn’t be able to feel the moment of bite itself probably. The feeling of a bed bug crawling on you can be compared to an ant. Some people can feel that, while others won’t pay any attention to that due to different skin’s sensitivity.

Can you see bed bugs during the day?

You will see them if you will search for them specially. You can check different walls cracks near your sleeping place, lower parts of you bed or sofa, or even on your wallpapers. Sometimes bed bugs are hiding in your carpet, but this is not their favourite option.

To find them during the daytime, you should pay attention to the signs that were left by them. Also, it is good to construct a plan of checking your living space beforehand, because you can’t really know where they will be hiding, so you should check everything. But, of course, if you really want to find a bed bug, it is more preferable to search at nights.

Can you see bed bugs with a black light?

Black light surely does bed bugs more visible. It can help in finding bed bugs, though this option is not the best one to choose for sure. UV light is especially helpful in dark rooms.

Good to note, that bed bugs can see UV lights and they are photophobic, which means that they will try their best to hide from any possible light. On the contrary, bed bugs do have exoskeletons, which are made from chitin, which makes them glow when exposed to UV light. Some people though prefer to use a regular flashlight.

Can you have bed bugs and not see them?

Yes, you can. Moreover, it is the most common situation. If you home is infested, you may not see any bed bugs, but you will see different traces from them instead, such as stains, smell, and bites on your body.

It is not necessary to find bed bugs to understand, that your home if infested. Pay attention to such signs as: blood stains on your bedding, dark rusty spots on your bed clothes and walls, eggs shells or shed skins near your sleeping place in different walls cracks, musty odor.

Sometimes people think that they have bed bugs in their place, but it is a mistake. If you’ve found bites on your skin, it may be just fleas, for example. If you’re itching, that may be due to lots of different possible reasons as well. Also, if you think that you do have bed bugs, but your bed looks perfect, then you might have made a mistake. Bed bugs love to leave a lot of damage to mattresses.

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