Do Bed Bugs Die in Summer?

Bed bugs don’t die in the summer. In fact, they are prevalent throughout the year and they can find ways to stay alive throughout the winter as well. Although the temperature can be high especially in tropical regions, it is still not warm enough outside for bed bugs to die.

However, they can certainly die in overheated cars that are exposed to sunlight during summer. Since bed bugs are basically hitchhikers, they always find a way to end up in households. Fortunately for them, most households are air-conditioned in the hottest season.

Bed bugs need to be exposed to a temperature of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit to die off. Also, the typical household temperature and humidity during summer are pretty much ideal for these insects to reproduce.

We can already conclude that the quality of life for bed bugs is not really affected by the current season but rather the temperature of households. Since you prefer to keep your house warm no matter what season it is, it is easy for bed bugs to mate there whenever the infestation happens. 

Can Bed Bugs Live Outside in the Summer?

Living outside is usually not ideal for bed bugs no matter what season it is. It is highly unlikely that they are going to die because of high temperature. During the summer, the temperature can’t get as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It especially won’t stay like that for several hours.

If bed bugs do die outside in the summer, it will be because they had no way to feed themselves. It is not characteristic to bed bugs to stay outside throughout the season, as they always try their best to get in your home.

Although these insects are most definitely not going to die to heat, water is among their biggest enemies. Every time it rains outside during the summer, a huge portion of bed bugs die off. Their hiding places get filled with water and since there is water everywhere, they simply drown.

Cold or warm temperatures during the four seasons can’t do much harm to bed bugs, yet water can definitely do at any point.

Can Bed Bugs Survive Outside in Summer?

Bed bugs can certainly survive outside in summer, as they have plenty of energy reserved. High temperatures during summer don’t pose a danger to them and they can survive without food for about 4 months. The colder it gets outside, the longer they can survive outdoors.

This is not to say that staying outside for a couple of months is ideal for them. On the contrary, as they are going to do their best to hitchhike or walk their way towards the nearest household. They can hop in backpacks, cars, suitcases or jump on your furry pets and feed on them while they are outside.

Hitchhiking and hiding are two of their main traits, which is why most of them are unlikely to spend a long period of time outside. They are more likely to make their way into your bedroom or living room where the living conditions are outstanding.

They can also spend a few months outside if they absolutely have to, especially if there are household animals near them to feed on.

Are Bed Bugs More Active in Summer?

The temperature outside can never get too hot for bed bugs during the summer. Therefore, it rather facilitates their activity than holding it back. In colder temperatures, bed bugs are slower and their metabolism slows down too, which helps them to survive without food for longer.

In higher temperatures, however, they can survive for only about 4 months without food, yet they can move faster. A summer temperature also makes it easier for them to mate. Their increased activity in summer is also related to people traveling more, as there are more targets for them for hitchhiking.

Another thing that makes them more active during that season is the fact that they need to feed themselves more urgently. They need to find a household to stay at as soon as possible and spend much of their time in the bedroom if possible.

Can Bed Bugs Live in a Car in the Summer?

In theory, a car is a pretty good place to stay at for a bed bug. People sit there for quite a while, while they have enough time to feed on their blood. However, it can get pretty hot in a car during the summer. In fact, it can get so hot that it can become lethal for these insects.

A temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit can definitely kill bed bugs in 60-90 minutes. In order to ensure that the temperature gets high enough, you can stick dark fabric or plastic garbage bags to the windows. However, bed bugs can hitchhike their way from your car to your home at any given time.

Households still provide a more ideal temperature for them. Not to mention that it is more likely for people to lie down and sleep there, which gives them the opportunity to feed.

Can Summer Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

Summer heat is simply not enough to kill bed bugs. It is likely not going to get as hot as 113 degrees Fahrenheit even on the hottest days. Also, it would have to stay at that temperature for at least 90 minutes for bed bugs to die off.

Bed bugs can also move to a shadowy spot where it is cooler or even enter your home. Most likely, they are going to just endure the heat outside and take every opportunity to move to a better spot. Staying outside during the summer is usually just an in-between move for bed bugs.

They have plenty of other places to hide or stay at than to be exposed to direct sunlight on the asphalt. Usually, these insects are constantly on the move and on the verge to find the next ideal spot. They are most likely to end up in an air-conditioned room of some sort or just hide somewhere outside near a house.

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