Does insurance cover bed bugs?

If you come across bed bugs infestation some day, you will be definitely pissed off. They always bring a lot of problems starting from light inconveniences and ending with insomnia and different health problems. Your only wish would be to find the exact place where bed bugs are living and get rid of them eventually.

But the problem is that you would be probably in need of different tools and chemicals. All of them are not free, and often such stuff can cost really much. Don’t forget, that bed bugs can harm your mattress and bed, for example, and sometimes you will need to repair them or to buy a new one.

It turns out, that bed bugs problem is not only annoying in terms of being with bed bugs themselves, but also very budget-damaging. In that case, after elimination of bed bugs infestation people want to know if they can count on some sort of support in terms of money, that will help them to recover quicker.

In this article you can find out what different insurances exist, in which cases a person can count on them. But note, that you are the main person responsible for bed bug infestation at your home place. With sufficient accuracy while travelling, buying new items and constant care about personal hygiene you can not be afraid of possibility of bed bug infestation at your spot.

Does renters insurance cover bed bugs?

There can be different situations, but generally the answer is no. Most renters do not provide insurance cover bed bugs issue. The reason for that is that managing with pests problem is considered as a home maintenance, which is counted as a problem requiring financial support (though in fact, it sometimes requires really lots of money).

Though some companies have a special note about bed bugs, and you can use it if you have such an option. Some companies can give your money to get rid of bed bugs, not to recover from infestation. But the amount of such companies is not so big.

Does homeowners insurance cover bed bugs?

Basic homeowners insurances do not cover bed bugs infestations as well. In fact, such insurance does not cover any infestation problem. The reason for that is that bed bugs and other infestations are counted as preventable hazards, and preventable hazards are considered in insurances.

The main point here is to understand what is the reason, that caused an infestation. If an infestation had started due to the accident which is covered in your insurance (for example, pipe breaking), then the damage from infestation will be covered as well. This is referred to as a proximate clause. But remember, that bed bugs do not come due to accidents, and almost always you just bring them to your place by yourself.

Does state farm insurance cover bed bugs?

State farm insurance do not cover bed bugs problem. It is considered that the tenant should take all necessary actions to prevent bed bugs infestation.

Does travel insurance cover bed bugs?

There is no travel insurance that cover bed bugs, though you can count on compensation in case you have found bed bugs in your room anyway. You should be careful and make a constant check of your clothes, luggage and place you are going to stay at.

If you found bed bugs in a hotel, you can request reimbursement for clothing, room changing and medical expenses. You will have your rights to do that, because you’ve came across bed bugs as a result of facility’s failure in its ‘duty of care’, which basically means that the service that this hotel provides has bad quality.

Some hotels may not admit the problem and refuse to pay, but it such situation you can use services of an attorney. Remember to take close pictures of places where you had found bed bugs. Also, it would be good to ask neighbors if they can find the same evidence of bed bugs presenting (they probably can if they pay attention to that).

Note, that some travel insurance programs may include bed bug infestations, but this occurs really seldom.

Does landlord insurance cover bed bugs?

There is no special landlord insurance, which will cover bed bugs infestation problem. Though, landlord is a person who is responsible for managing bed bugs issue. In case you are a tenant and you suspect bed bug infestation, you should immediately report about that to your landlord.

Afterwards he should take necessary actions to fully inspect the house and get rid of bed bugs completely. Although, coping with bed bugs is in landlord responsibility zone, as a tenant you should cooperate in every possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does tenant insurance cover bed bugs?

Generally, tenant insurance does not cover bed bugs infestations. When discussing insurance conditions, you should raise this topic beforehand and check what is written about that in a document. Some companies might provide pests insurance for an extra payment, for example. The only insurance you can count on is your own personal health insurance in case your health condition was damaged in any way due to bed bug infestation.

Is bed bug treatment covered by homeowners insurance?

It is not covered by homeowners insurance. As was mentioned above you can count on your personal health insurance in case your health would receive a strong negative effect from bed bug infestation.

To make a conclusion, there is almost no insurances for bed bugs struggling. You definitely should raise that question while speaking with your landlord or insurance company. Anyway, the most crucial tip is still to be careful when you are travelling and check all the places when you are checking in hotels. Remember, that if you found bed bugs in a room, you should immediately inform the owner of the apartments and start to make anti-bed bugs actions. Also, there are special web-sites which are dedicated to post reviews on different hotels there in terms of bed bugs conditions.

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