How do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can be transferred from one place to the other very easily. Used furniture or bedding that is being transferred can always carry bed bugs in it if the initial area was infested. The same is true for backpacks, purses, luggage or pieces of clothing.

People can unknowingly visit places that are infected and then carry those bed bugs into their own home. Bed bugs don’t necessarily need to be carried, as they can go from one place to the other by themselves.

This can happen in any multi-unit building where there are multiple apartments next to each other. Bed bugs can easily spread in residential houses, hotels, motels and such.

How do You Get Bed Bugs in Your House?

You can get bed bugs from literally any place with furniture, bedding or any other soft or upholstered material. People usually take bed bugs home from places that are often visited by other people. These include motels, hostels and other similar public places.

If you live in a panel house or residential house, then bed bugs can come from other nearby apartments. Since the distance is short, it is really not an issue for them to travel from one apartment to the other. It is also easy for these insects to hop into luggages, purses and bedding.

As you pack your things up and go home, bed bugs can hop in and go with you, later hopping on your furniture and causing trouble there.

How do You Get Bed Bugs in Your Bed?

It is not uncommon to call bed bugs hitchhikers because they can come from a wide range of places. Motels and hotels are the most common among them. You can also get them from public transportation, colleges, nursing homes, federal buildings, libraries and workplaces, just to mention a few.

They can hop into your bag, luggage or even your purse and get off when they like to. Since many places do have furniture in them, there is always a chance to get some bed bugs at the more public ones. As you take them to your home, they get out of your luggage and find the most beneficial spot for their needs.

Your bed is one of these potential spots because there are upholstered and soft materials. Also, the bed is where you stay motionless most of the time, giving bed bugs the opportunity to feed on your blood. As long as they well-fed, they can also reproduce there as much as they want to.

How do You Prevent Getting Bed Bugs?

The best way to prevent getting bed bugs is to be cautious about places you visit outside your home. Precautionary measures are important, such as being careful about where you put your luggage. Leaving it on the bed or carpet is not recommended if you visit a place for the first time.

Focus on keeping your stuff away from the furniture. Then, as you get home, all you need to do is to wash all the clothes you used and throw them into a hot dryer. Also, take a close look at the furniture you buy. Make sure to check cushions and parts that might not be as visible at first.

There can be signs such as bed bug excrement, eggshells, shed skin, red stains or eggs. You might be able to discover some bed bugs as well. These are all very tiny, the eggs being the size of a poppy seed while an adult bed bug is only as big as an apple seed.

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