How to treat bed bugs bites?

Many of us came across bed bugs sometimes. These creatures can cause a lot of discomfort and even lead to health problems. They can trigger asthma attacks or lead to anemia in case of there are too many repeated bites. Here is a quick guide, what should you do in case you have issues with bed bugs.

Remember though, that these are just recommendations, and you should go to a doctor in case of serious symptoms. Though usually bed bugs can’t bring any real harm to your health, if you ignore them completely the chances of turning into something more serious are increasing. Don’t use self-medication and self-disinfection if you had already started to experience real problems.

To distinguish a bed bug bite from other insect bites you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Usually, bites are in clusters.
  2. Often, they appear in a zig-zag pattern.
  3. Mostly bites take place on uncovered areas, such as hands and face.
  4. You may have experienced some itching.
  5. Red skin rashes.
bed bug bites on back
bed bu bites on back

Bed bugs can enter one’s house through luggage and clothing. Usually, they hide in beds and couches. In case you suspect that you have bed bugs at home, firstly you should check mattresses, bed frames and headboards. There is no strong connection between poor sanitation and bedbugs. They can appear even in a perfectly clean-living space.

How to treat bed bugs on skin and face?

In case you found bed bug bites on your skin, you should wash bitten spots with soap and water. This will help to reduce itchiness and prevent a skin infection. If a bite itches, try to use corticosteroid cream. Make sure that you don’t have any allergic reactions beforehand. Usually, you’ll get rid of bites in a week or two. Same recommendation goes if you found bites on your face. But remember, that your face skin is much softer and requires more careful actions.

bed bug bites on face
bed bug bites on face

Usually, bites can appear even a week after you were actually bitten. So, if you found bites on your skin, probably bed bugs are at you place for a long time already.

How to treat bed bugs at home?

To reduce bedbugs’ amount, clean your bedding, curtains, and clothing in hot water. After that, use highest dryer setting to dry them. If an item can’t be washed, just dry it for 30 minutes at least on the highest mode possible.

Don’t forget to take vacuum cleaning of your bed and surrounding area from time to time. Immediately after cleaning throw a vacuum cleaner bag into the garbage can outside. Before vacuuming use a stiff brush to scrub mattress.

These tips won’t help to get rid of all bed bugs probably. Getting rid of them fully usually requires chemical treatments and it is better to hire an experienced pest control professional.

Rather than getting rid of bed bugs it is easier to prevent their appearance. Basic rules will help you in that. Frequent vacuum cleaning, dusting, throwing your rubbish on time, doing wet cleaning from time to time will help you a lot. Also do not place any items (such as clothes and bags, especially) on your sleeping place. Try to change your bedsheets as often as once a week and wash old bedsheets as soon as you changed them. When you are buying a new piece of furniture or clothes, make an inspection in terms of bed bugs there every time.

How to treat bed bugs bite on child?

If a child was bitten, tell her/him not to scratch a bite, because doing so can cause a skin infection. You can try to place an ice pack on the affected area in intervals or applying baking soda paste (to make this paste just mix baking soda with water). The other recommendations are the same that were mentioned above. Just be careful with dosages, because child’s skin can be harmed easily and child’s immune system is less stable to different allergens.

How to treat infected bed bug bites?

If you have many bites or suspect skin infection (if bites feel tender or ooze discharge) you should definitely see a dermatologist. In case there is an infection you may most likely need an antibiotic.

How to naturally treat bed bug bites?

Also, there are different plants, which can be used to struggle bed bugs naturally. First one is Witch Hazel. It can be found in different forms, such as capsules or infusion, for example. The other one is Aloe Vera. Amino acids presented in aloe vera help to relieve itching and burning sensations. Lemon juice is also very good in assistance to fighting against bed bugs. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. White vinegar can help a lot as well.

How to treat bed bug bites with baking soda?

Baking soda paste also suits, which was mentioned above. To use it properly, let it dry and rinse it off with warm water after.  In case your whole body has harmed from bed bugs, take a warm bath, that contain peppermint oil, baking soda and powdered oatmeal.

You can also try to use chemical healing (with proper accuracy of course). Different pyrethrins and pyrethroids are helpful. These are the most widely used compounds. Cold pressed neem oil is a good biochemical pesticide, which will give a lot of benefits while struggling with bed bugs. Chlorfenapyr is a good choice as well. Also, you can use oral antihistamines such as Benadryl to ease your itching experience.

How to treat bed bug bites on dogs?

Sometimes our pets can suffer from bed bugs as well. If your dog’s bedding has bedbugs, wash them at a high heat as you would do with your own bedding. High heat is fatal to bedbugs. The heat should be at least 50ºC.

Remember, that flea or tick sprays do not have any effect on bedbugs. Better to use Diatomaceous Earth on pet’s bedding. It can take several days for DE to kill bed bugs. Note, that you should use DE carefully because it is dusty and can cause respiratory distress in humans and animals.

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